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Worship And

Creative Arts

We want to passionately pursue the presence of God, know Him more and make Him known through our musical and creative expression of worship. Our prayer and desire is that people’s hearts and lives would be transformed by having an encounter with Jesus while worshipping Him, being in His presence. As a team, we want to use our gifts, talents and abilities to help lead people into a place of meeting with Jesus through the arts: music, dance, drama and media.

What We Do.

Our team- musicians, singers, sound and media- meet the first Thursday of the month to connect, build relationship, pray, worship together, be taught and practice music for the month. We rotate musicians on a schedule for Sunday morning teams, as well as, other meetings or events where we have worship times.
There is a young boy's worship band that is being mentored and taught by our older musicians that meet once a month.
Worship leaders meet monthly as well to pray and plan.
There is a songwriters group that meets once a month to make space for creativity and inspiration for new songs to be written.

What To Expect.

We aim for excellence in the offering of worship that we give to God. A heart of worship that desires to be expressed through the arts for His Glory.