When I give at Southgate, where does the money go?

Awesome Question! By giving at Southgate, you are partnering with us as we reach our communities with the love of Jesus, and support that cause of Christ globally. Every dollar given helps us empower others to worship God, serve people, make disciples, and live like Jesus.

By giving at Southgate Church you are directly funding our missionaries overseas, our church planters around the world, programs and services we run right in the heart of Langley, as well as our lease and operating expenses.

How can I give?

We strive to make your giving experience as simple and secure as possible. You can bring cash our cheque to any of our family gatherings, by credit or debit at our info desk, online through pushpay.

What is the deadline for annual contributions?

The deadline for 2017 contributions is December 31, 2017. Giving periods rung from January 1 - December 31 each year.

What kind of accountability is in place at Southgate Church regarding financial integrity?

Within the church we have financial directors and elders who oversee all of our finances, and go through the yearly budget of each ministry.

We provide a financial report yearly at our AGM (Annual General Meeting) where we discuss and questions you may have regarding our spending and finances.

Additionally, we adhere to all guidelines set our by the federal government for charities, as well as an accountant who does all of our taxes and reviews our income and spending.