Worshiping Through Your Trials

When all angles of your life are being attacked and you feel no hope it often feels ridiculous to worship God. You might feel like it’s a waste of time or that it won’t even do anything. You might even feel embarrassed or fake, but I promise you that God is with you and that He will honour you if you try. God is our refuge, our strength, our fortress, and our solid rock. Run to Him and He will comfort you. Stand upon Him and He will strengthen you. Trust in Him and He will bless you. Don’t succumb to the enemy’s attacks. Don’t think twice, just turn on some worship music and let His presence infiltrate your heart. When you don’t know what to think or what to do because your situation is so devastating, let His presence be your thoughts. Just think about Him and He will reveal Himself to you.

My husband and I have been attacked in every area of our life over the past six weeks, but we refuse to give up because we believe we are in a time of testing. And as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. As for me and my house, we will come out of this testing period as faithful. My God will say, “Well done good and faithful servants”. God sees your heart, God knows every part of who you are and what you’re struggling with. When you raise your hands and worship Him despite all the turmoil going on around you, He sees you as a good and faithful servant. When you worship him, you lay down your pain and let Him take control.

Just two days ago we felt like we couldn’t take it anymore. But throughout all the enemy’s attacks we have battled every single one of them declaring the Lord over our situation and forcing the attack of the enemy to flee from us. We are already feeling stronger than ever before. It is worth it. It doesn’t just happen! You have to work for it! You need to get beside yourself and not let pride come between you and Him. Because trust me I have let pride stand between myself and my God and it has not worked. He needs you. The real you. So let’s get real! Let’s get stirred up church, because God has huge things in-store and they are coming up quick. Don’t let it pass by, experience it! Wake us up Oh Lord!

I encourage you to worship through your trials. I encourage you to tell God that you don’t see Him and ask Him to show up. Ask Him to be your strength and your guide through this time. Ask God to be strong in you because you can’t do it by yourself.

There must be better days ahead and God must have big things in store for us if the enemy is trying this hard to take us down.

Worship has been our tool in this messy battle of spiritual warfare. What’s yours? Are you fighting against the enemy or letting him have his way? The more the enemy throws your way must mean the bigger the plan God has in-store for you on the other side. So stand up. Be Strong. Be Bold. Make the enemy flee. And worship your great God.


Hannah Wiebe

Church Administrator