When’s the next vacation?

As a teacher, from a family of teachers, my mom always said, “if you make it to Thanksgiving, you’re going to survive the year!” Our family always goes away to a nice little cabin on Thanksgiving, full with all the autumn colours and it’s a weekend I always look forward to; count down the days to, actually. This year, I found myself looking at the calendar every day and counting how many days were left until we left on the Friday afternoon. But a funny thing happened when we got there. My mind turned to, how many days until the next anticipated event. I did the math, and then started to think about how long until what was next. The following week, I began to count the days on the calendar again.

What a way to live! Spending every day, focusing on a countdown to the next vacation, or day off, or weekend, or sporting event, or, or, or…. The funny thing is, I know better. I know this is not how we’re called to live, but I so often fall into this pattern. James 4:14 says: “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” Basically, you don’t know what tomorrow holds, there are no guarantees. Living life under the influence of the Spirit of God, is living life in the moment, attuned to what He has for us now. How many opportunities do we miss each day to follow the leading of the Spirit when we’re focused on what’s next?

I want to live my life, fully involved in each moment. I know from experience that when my focus is on getting the most out of every moment that’s in front of me, life is richer. It’s also interesting how when you live fully in each day, the holiday or anticipated event kind of sneaks up on you and it is all the more enjoyable of a little break from the day to day. A quote I use often, from Mother Theresa, is “love the one in front of you.” That’s how I want to live; fully in the moment, loving the one in front of me, whoever God places there. I find I sometimes need to remind myself of this daily; taking my eyes off of the future and looking to what God has for me in the ins and outs of everyday normal.


-Kristjen Hull

Missions Director & Elder