The Long Haul

I once heard a pastor say, “if we are going to build a church that is going to impact the nations and on which the sun will never set, we have got to get our men in line.” Men, I’m sorry, but we are not inherently very good when it comes to pursuing our faith. Sorry guys, but it’s true. This stuck with me and along with some of the challenges and struggles that I have faced that God has walked me through, God has given me a desire to help men work through their struggles, grow stronger in their faith and live their lives in a way that pleases and honours Him.

A recent change in my work schedule has allowed me some time to begin to do this and so a couple months ago I began by meeting with a few guys who shared a similar vision and passion.  We decided to begin by meeting for breakfast at a local diner every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month and opening it up to whoever could make it. We have seen up to 25 guys come out at 6 am! Relationships are being built and guys are being encouraged in their walk with God by hearing testimonies of what God has done in the lives of other men.

April 1st we will be having a breakfast at the church, the theme of the morning is “The Long Haul.” Charles Stanley wrote in his book Man of God,

“All of us want to leave a legacy – to be remembered for something important. And as believers we have the privilege of passing on a treasure that not only impacts this world but will also endure in eternity.

This is why as men it is our responsibility to be a positive example to our children and those who look up to us… when we pass on our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we give them a spiritual inheritance, which money cannot buy and death cannot take away.”

So what does this look like over The Long Haul of life? How do we serve God, as men of God, with a Kingdom legacy at the forefront of who we are, through all the highs and lows we face on a daily basis? Come out April 1st and hear from Pastor Marv McGee how he has sought to do this in his life. Pastor Marv is the Executive Operations Pastor at Relate Church in Surrey. He has served in Relate Church for 27 years, 24 of those as a volunteer. Maybe The Long Haul has something to do with commitment and faithfulness.

-Pastor Randy