Summer 2017

Two things I want to share with you about our Southgate summer.  First, we have coined the phrase “Sunday Funday” for the summer months. I know church should be fun all the time but this summer we want it to be extra fun – from selfies to ice-cream to food trucks to ice-coffees we are injecting fun things into our church experience every week.

As a kid growing up I was forced to go to church. It was really boring, completely irrelevant and extremely old. (I had better be careful how I say that ‘cause I is one) Often my parents would drag me crying down the aisle to go to Sunday school – after already being in school all week long. I love it when Southgate kids race off to Sunday school after a very distracted prayer for them. Church is fun hence Sunday Funday! Come on Sundays and contribute to the fun.
Secondly, our summer series is called “Get Real! …authentic not perfect”. Living with authenticity rather than perfection. Getting real with God, myself and others.

Often, we mask who we are with the façade of something called perfection. I am the perfect Christian, with the perfect marriage and the perfect family. Daily, I have perfect devotions with God before I go to my perfect job and kibitz with my perfect colleagues and then hang out with my perfect friends. NOT! I think many people strive to be perfect in their faith and end up missing an authentic relationship with Jesus.

As we reflect on our lives the goal is to be real and authentic in our life expression and how we see ourselves.  Perfection often leads to control or rules and regulations (Legalism) and authenticity leads to grace and freedom. Let’s experience grace and freedom in Jesus and through Jesus as we live our lives together.

Be blessed this summer!

-Pastor Dave

Lead Pastor