Story Within A Story

The beauty of the Bible is the sweeping narrative that it is not for Israel and the early church but future believers.

We are drawn into cosmic, redemptive narrative. When we fall into this story of worship we slowly come to terms with our place in the story, as we become more fully human, more image-bearing. Worship is a participation with this gospel story that cannot be described with words but must be experienced.

Mark Twain writes: “He who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.” Some actions cannot be comprehended until experienced. Christian worship brings us into God’s sweeping narrative where we worship the God of the narrative, the Great Initiator, but also helps us find our place in the narrative, because God made us to fit in it somehow.

We only find our place in it as we find out who is writing the story.

The author gives the characters their purpose. We are not independent characters or isolated protagonists on rogue missions of self-fulfillment and personal accomplishment devoid of a God-destiny. Our destiny is engrained as a God-destiny, anything other than a God-destiny is only partial fulfillment of us becoming fully human.

We are created by a Creator for his creative initiatives on his creatively created earth. We play by his rules, or rather, we learn to find our narrative in his greater narrative. It is more relational, anticipatory, connected and intertwined than cold-hearted obedience. We should burn hot for our role in God’s narrative.

Brett Lee

-Highschool Director