Shining as Stars

Have you ever envisioned yourself like a star, shining in the universe? Or is that enough to make you cringe and move on to something with more substance? Philippians 2:15 speaks directly to our new, born again nature, teaching us that as we become Christ-like, we will shine like stars  in the midst of the crooked generation we are in. Shining like a star can sound so cliche, even preschool-esque. But the deeper I look into Paul’s writing here, the more his symbol captivates me.

A star is nothing short of miraculous in itself: a fiery, burning ball of gas, held together by its own gravity. What am I held together by? Is it truly Holy Spirit, alive and powerful, anchored inside of me?

Stars produce heat from the inside out. They are especially visible in the night; endless miles of darkness cannot conceal their presence. Stars radiate their light outward, from a core that is ever producing more heat and more light. That sounds just like a life following Jesus. I want to spend myself for He who is burning inside of me. Yet I can’t ignore the darkness looming around… in this particular season I feel God preparing me for dark places-  places that are far from comfy or romantic. But isn’t that just how Jesus arrived? He sunk His feet down into the dirt and taught us what love really looks like. His walk makes me want to react to the deceived less, and respond to the lost more. I need to see people like He does.

But preparation involves pruning. Growing into all that He created me to be also means shedding all that stuff which doesn’t look like Him. Gulp. I’ve got to be honest: I’m nowhere near finished this transformation.

God is patiently teaching me not only who I am, but whose I am…. And each personal lesson is birthed out of a place of submission and reverence for His Glorious nature. If I really desire for Him to shine through me, I must allow the heated process of His refinement. I have to trust that He does know what He is doing, and He will complete the work that He is starting. It’s ok if it doesn’t look like I expect it to. When God is in control, it will unveil His Magnificence.

Shining like a star is becoming more tangible to me, way less cute, and far more challenging. But just a taste of His fruit has stirred up an appetite that makes me hunger for the whole harvest.

Heidi Walters- Lead Team