Missions Sunday

Velcro Faith

Adoption Sunday 2020

24th Anniversary – Pastor Dwight Pinnock

Faith, Battles and Shields

Out Of The Box

They Enjoyed A Time of Peace

Victory Over The Storm

We Can Rise Above

Temples and Wi-Fi

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Father’s Day

The Three Faces of Eve

A Church Without Walls

New Rhythm’s of Grace

Churches of Langley || Joint Service

Prayer – From Duty to Delight

Men’s Breakfast

Team Night

The Constant Harvester

Alpha Sunday

20 for 2020

Father’s Day

Special Announcement || Matt and Tonya Janzen

Mother’s Day

Jay Calder || Compassion Canada

Come and See || Easter Sunday

Crowds & Crew || Palm Sunday


Men’s Breakfast || Dream Again

God’s Thoughts

Women’s Enjoy || Pam Hamilton

Women’s Enjoy || Keri Harvey

You Are Anointed

Men’s Breakfast

Team Night

Women’s Enjoy || Shanda Pinnock


The Message of the Cross

What Makes You Cry?

Dignity – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Orphan Sunday

Love Your Enemies

It’s Time to Re-dig Your Wells

Men of Confidence | Men’s Breakfast

Dr. Frank Damazio

Ellie & Lila Quezada

Father’s Day

The Genealogy of Christ

Never Forget

The Long Haul | Men’s Breakfast

The Good News About Poverty

More Like Jesus

Ephesians 4:16

The Price of Freedom

Romans 5:6-11

Running on Empty

2 Kings 4:1-2


Matthew 16:13-20