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Lifegroups for Youth

Lifegroups are the life of the church! In Acts 2 we see the introduction of small groups and how important they were in developing Christ-centered community in the early church. This is the type of community that we desire to have at Southgate. It is centered in learning more about God and His Word, meeting in homes, eating meals together and praying with one another, all for the cause of Christ.

Grade 6/7 Boys

Leader: Tyler Mothe

Contact: tylermothe@gmail.com

Grade 8 Boys

Leader: Jonathan Malamura

Contact: jmalamura@hotmail.com

Grade 9/10 Boys

Leader: Tyler Mother

Contact: tylermothe@gmail.com

Grade 11/12 Boys

Leader: Josh Rempel

Contact: jcdrempel@live.com

Grade 6/7 Girls

Leader: Kayla Brouwer

Contact: kaylabrouwer@live.com

Grade 8 Girls

Leader: Kesitah Bacon

Contact: kesitah.bacon@gmail.com

Grade 9 Girls

Leader: Aimee White

Contact: aimeelmwhite@gmail.com

Grade 10-12 Girls

Leader: Rachel Malamura

Contact: Rachel.malamura@gmail.com