Our purpose as SY912 (high school) and SY68 (middle school) is to facilitate an atmosphere where students desire to discover their identity in knowing Jesus, knowing others, and knowing themselves. We point students to the Saviour of the world, who has no equal. We cultivate a culture of acceptance, encouragement, and growth where students discover Christ-centered community. We spur students on to their God-given purpose for their good and God’s glory.

What We Do.

SY912 holds Friday night services based on connecting with worship, preaching, fun and connecting with others. We have frequent and draw-jopping events, because we know how to party! We have small groups throughout the week because relationships are our priority. The basic layout is like this: the first two Fridays are services, the third is a joint service with the middle school students, the fourth is an event.
In SY68, we meet every Sunday morning after worship to build relationships, study the Bible and grow together. On Friday nights we gather in small groups at a student's home, join the high school students for a service, or throw a crazy event that a middle school student could not resist. Here is a run-through: the first two Fridays are small group, the third is a joint service with high school, the fourth is an event.

What To Expect.

Expect committed and caring youth leaders to do their best in connecting your students with the life and purpose of SG Youth, which is all wrapped up in Jesus.
We will gather your student's information in our database, try to connect them with a small group and a youth leader, then journey alongside them in their discovery of Jesus.