Freedom Session is a powerful, life changing, healing-discipleship program that helps people discover freedom and a full life in Jesus.  We believe that Jesus’ death on the cross paid the price for our spiritual and emotional healing.

Freedom Session has been used with people from every walk of life, every economic level, and virtually every area of struggle.  It is also equally effective for those without any previous Christian experience and those who have been raised in the church all their lives.  At Freedom Session we are a family, we are a community.

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What We Do.

At Freedom Session we invite Jesus Christ into ALL of our lives including buried or painful memories, secret addictions and unhealthy means of escaping pain. In this process we become willing to accept God's grace and solutions to the problems we've experienced in life.

What To Expect.

Freedom Session is a place to be heard, a place to feel loved and place to find healing.
We begin with a Large Group teaching and then move into gender specific Small Groups.

With the support of others walking the same journey, we take the practical steps necessary to break free and find lasting healing. Shame loses its grip and we are ready to embrace the life God intended for us.

The result is freedom because Jesus promises that when we face the truth, He will set us free.