Meet The Klagers


Hi, We are the Klager family! Tim, Sarah, Annalise (eleven), Anderson (nine), and Amos (six).

Tim works at his family run commercial heating and air conditioning business and I am a proud stay at home mom.

Tim and I met at our old church years ago through a mutual friend. He started attending and at first I thought he liked my sister but then found out he was getting info about me through her. We dated for 2 yrs, got engaged and then we married June first 2002. We waited a little while to have kids and enjoyed married life, and serving in the church as a couple. We had Annalise January 2005 and also bought our first house; which was very exciting. We started attending Southgate (fall 2006) when we were expecting our second child Anderson and have been faithfully attending ever since. We welcomed our last child Amos into our family in February 2010 and have enjoyed watching them all grow and how unique each of them is.

We have been brought closer as a family many times over the past 14 years. It seems that any time we’ve had some big events or situations we drew together as a couple and also with Jesus. When we bought our first house we were nervous about the financial commitment but God always provided for us and made it a home we loved. We drew closer to God every time we thought about having a child because we wanted the timing to be right in God’s eyes not ours.  Searching for a new church ended up being a long year and half process but God showed us Southgate and with time it was a perfect match for our family. Over the last 11years we’ve had to trust in God with our kids. We’ve prayed for guidance because we’ve come upon hard academic struggles and God has provided helpful teachers, testing, tutors, and finances to help our kids learn and be their best. I can remember a time where I asked God ‘why us’ but what popped into my mind was ‘why not us’.  He blessed us with our kids and we are going to do our best with His help and each other to lean on. To keep things in balance we have drawn closer to God in the good times as well which increases our faith by leaps and bounds. Seeing and hearing about people being healed, given jobs, prayers answered makes us know we serve a mighty God who loves us so much. We truly feel blessed by what God has done in our lives and we can’t wait to see what else He is going to do.

I hope and believe we’ve been authentically engaged by faithfully serving. No matter what situation we are going through, good or bad we are called to serve and we truly believe that through being engaged in the church we can be encouraged and used by God.

Tim, the kids and I have found a place to belong within the church because we have invested time into people within the church. If we just came into the church on Sundays only then I’m not sure that a sense of belonging could authentically happen.  The kids have felt loved, accepted and challenged within Kids church and that ripples into our family life as well. When we are actively involved and willing to be open with others and go outside our comfort zone then a sense of belonging will come.

Tim and I feel that because we as a family are involved in the church and open to the Lord’s leading we are healthy for it. With that said there is always room to improve and we want to fulfill the calling that God has for us and so we will continue to learn, be challenged and change aspects of our lives to make things healthier in all seasons of our lives.