Living Safely

Living safely is oh, so comfortable, consistent and predictable.  All things that I love and thrive on in my day to day life, and that help me feel in control of my life, in a world and culture that often feels out of my control. And if I’m not careful, I can begin to feel very content with staying within my safety zone, on a day to day basis.  It just feels so…..safe! ☺  But you don’t have to read very far in the Bible to see that no one did anything great for God, or accomplished mighty things for the Kingdom by living a safe life.   Noah, David, Daniel, Esther, Abraham…..the list could go on and on, of people who stepped out of the “ordinary” or “comfortable” and were willing to do things that required letting go of what they knew to be “safe”.   The result???  Great advancements in the Kingdom of God, people being saved, lives been changed, faith being grown.  Living safely is actually a dangerous place to be.  It keeps us dependant on ourselves, keeps us inward-focused, and keeps us comfortable where we are.

The last year of our lives personally, has been really uncomfortable.  We’ve navigated territory that we have never previously walked, personally; we knowingly put ourselves in a place of unknown timelines, discomfort, pain, stress, heartache and uncertainty.  We put our hearts on the line, not knowing what the outcome would be.  We knowingly put ourselves into a place of financial uncertainty; we opened our hearts and home to be scrutinized and studied.  We took on hours and hours of paperwork, appointments and meetings into our already very full days.  We knowingly opened ourselves up to various medical conditions and risks our baby could be faced with that would significantly impact our lives.  We put ourselves on the front lines of the enemy’s attack.

Why???  Why on earth would we willingly choose to put ourselves in so much discomfort and uncertainty??  The answer actually has nothing to do with us…it’s definitely not because we’re great people.  To be honest, sometimes we took steps forward reluctantly, questioning God’s will or timing in the process.

But we strongly believe that living safely is dangerous.  That’s why we are where we are, why we did what we did, and why we now, more so than ever, feel that this is how we want to live our everyday lives…living out a dangerous faith, which is actually the safest place we can be.  This season of our lives has changed us forever…we will never be the same.  And I could not be happier about that.  Our faith has grown, our perspective has shifted, our relationships are stronger, our security is totally in God, and God alone, and not in how well we manage our home, our schedule or our finances.  Our lives are richer and fuller because of it.  We have witnessed first-hand God’s abundant provision, blessing and miracles.  We have gained ground on the enemy’s territory, and we have been victorious.  The Kingdom advancements are huge, the fruit is growing, our faith is continually being strengthened daily….but we are not done.  It doesn’t stop here, it’s a lifestyle of this kind of living.  It’s not easy, but easy is not at all what we’re looking for, or what we’re called to do.

Tamara Hull-Above and Beyond Director