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New Comers


This is a class for everyone who is new to our church within the last year. This is a lunch where you can come and meet our pastors and leaders, and learn more about Southgate Church.

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New Believers

Alpha Class

Alpha is a course that walks you through the basic ideas of Christianity and teachings of Jesus. This course was created to help you better understand what it means to follow Jesus.

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Oct 2 - Dec 4

New Members


If you have attended our New Comers Lunch, and want to make Southgate your home church, come on out to our class, where you will learn about the heart of our church. We will discuss our values, foundational principles, and what makes us unique.

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New Leaders


We believe in empowering leaders to reach their full potential, and this weekend is designed to help you find a place you can fit and thrive in the church.

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