God + You

God + me = something for the world around me. I have tried to believe this idea, because it helps me see I have something to offer.

The fullness of God wants to operate through my fullness. God wants to well up inside of me so I overflow with his goodness to the world around me.

I am hardwired to uniquely reflect the heart of God. He shared His image and essence with me as His special creation so that I would live less for me and more from Him within me. I want to exist not for the sake of heaven but because heaven exists through me. I hope that by drawing on God’s strength and wisdom I live from His power rather than for His favour.

God’s perfect plan for the world perfectly involves you because He knows who you are, what you need, and what the world around you needs. So we ought to trust Him a few more notches than we do because He knows how to connect His plan with our hopes and dreams. We can do what we enjoy while He is restoring creation to Himself.

God’s current gift to the world is you. His best gift is you fully knowing yourself so that you begin to act like a treasured gift. If you decided to believe everybody in the world innately liked you, you would approach situations differently. If we reminded ourselves that God really likes us we might approach Him differently.

Accept and celebrate your uniqueness and He can finally start to move through you. Accept your gifts and talents, celebrate them genuinely, and do more things that you like to do. Tell God what you love to do, ask Him how He can work through you, and watch Him sovereignly weave His global plan with your unique story. He is the master at giving us purpose in life.

Once you love Him enough and learn to love yourself enough, He can use you to reveal His love to the world. He wants some followers that know their worth and value to hold their heads high.

Then I believe we would soon have enough Jesus in us, enough assurance of ourselves, that we relate to people not to get something from them but to offer them something. But you have to trust God + you = something for the world around you.

Here is an idea that has been shaping my thought life recently, along with that previous statement: God is waiting for us far more than we should be waiting for Him. So many people talk about waiting for God, waiting on God, for His timing. Sometimes that is important (don’t date until you graduate!). But, our Father gave us abilities, gifts, dreams and passions. He is looking at us, knowing we only have so much time on His planet, and I wonder if He is sitting on the edge of His throne aching for us to take some chances, risks and adventures. He might not visit you in a dream and give you the plan for the next five years, but I pray He wells up inside of you so much that you stomp on fear, accept your uniqueness, and run with Jesus.

I would genuinely love to hear what God is stirring through you for the world around you.

Give me a call and tell me about your life, for real: 604-897-5404.


Brett Lee

Youth Director