Christmas Time Is Here

“Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer. Fun for all that children call their favorite time of year”. Good ol’ Charlie Brown. You might not be old enough to remember but Charlie Brown (1965) was the brunt of all sorts of mockery, pranks and humiliation from his closest friends. This song became famous through the Charlie Brown Christmas show. Another line from the song says “Oh, that we could always see such spirit through the year”.

Oh that it would be true. Isn’t that the mission of the church? – Christmas twenty-four seven. The Spirit of Christmas is love, compassion, giving, generosity, family,… As well, during advent, we emphasize other attitudes such as hope, peace, joy and love.  Christmas time evokes strong feelings of emotional beneficence. Beneficence is action that is done for the benefit of others. Simply put it means to improve the situation for others.

My encouragement to Southgate Church is that we embody the very life and Spirit of Jesus this Christmas season. Reach out to your neighbours and co-workers. Give a little extra. Show compassion to those less fortunate. Open homes, open minds and open hearts.


Be Blessed,

-Pastor Dave