People often ask me if I have a word for the year.  This is because for the last 15 years, God seems to speak to me in a ‘word’ for the New Year – like a motto, a goal, an anthem or maybe because I can only remember one word.

Anyway, my word for this year is…. drum roll please…..C H A N G E

I wasn’t looking for it, nor asking for it and it came, as God often does, quietly and softly.

My reaction – ‘I don’t like that word, that word is NOT from God’.  I want a word like ‘abundant’ or ‘miracles’ or ‘conqueror’.   But no, that was my word from God.

Now don’t get me wrong, I often like change, creative change, keep things interesting change, change that is exiting, but change I can control.  This didn’t sound like that kind of change.

The interesting thing was I got this word before Christmas (that’s why I didn’t want to believe it was my New Year’s word).  It made me pause and think.  Christmas is the epitome of ‘do not change’.  More than any other holiday, we plan traditions year after year.  We have high expectations based on those traditions without much room for change.  Traditions almost become sacred.

So the irony is that Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’s birth and He came in such a way that was a big change from anything people were expecting.  Young engaged girl gets pregnant by the Holy Spirit, baby born in a barn, first worshippers are low-life shepherds and the second  recorded worshippers are Magi or astronomers, from the middle east.  He came in such a different way, such a changed way from what was expected, that the people who were hoping He would come did not except Him!

What was God trying to tell me?

God wants to do some unexpected things.  The Bible is full of the unexpected – from people He used, to impossible circumstances.  I believe God is trying to prepare us for CHANGE, for somethings altered, for some things to be different so we can receive Him!  I believe He wants to help us see in Him in a different way.  As Ephesians 3:20 says, ‘…beyond what we are asking or even dreaming for…”  I believe He even wants to change us!  He wants us humble, pliable, open, transformed.

Are you ready for God to do the unexpected?  The impossible?  Are you ready for Him to change you?


-Pastor Tomana

Women’s Pastor