Be Still and Know

One of the greatest tensions we face is the battle to still our minds, quiet our hearts, and slow down in a culture that constantly hurries, pushes and rushes us to do more, accomplish more and be more. Our heads are spinning, our schedules are overflowing, the noise is deafening and our souls are left empty and barren. And, more frightening, is the distant and seemingly silent voice of God. “Where are you Lord? I can’t hear You…”

And He answers, “Be still and know…” Psalm 46:10  It is almost, at times, a defiant act against all that is coming at you. Pause. Slow. Still yourself. Wait for Him. LISTEN. In that place, He says, we will KNOW that He is God.

Luke 10: 38- 42 is a well-known story from the Bible about two sisters, Mary and Martha, who had the privilege of hosting Jesus in their home. Martha welcomed him in and became “distracted with much serving” (10:40) and became frustrated and irritated by her sister, Mary, who “sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word.” (10:39), doing ‘nothing’ to help, according to Martha. But, Jesus answered “one thing is needed and Mary has chosen that good part…” (10:42) Mary “HEARD” Jesus’ words. Mary stilled herself. She slowed herself down. Mary LISTENED. She chose well.

Jesus answers “ Be still and know…” Psalm 46:10. Un-rush. Slow down. LISTEN for the voice of your God. He speaks. Are we posturing ourselves in a place to hear Him? Jesus says that is the “one thing that is needed.” Yes. Yes.

John 10 speaks of Jesus being our Shepherd. The true shepherd, the good shepherd, the shepherd that knows his sheep. John 10: 4 says “the sheep follow him, for they KNOW HIS VOICE.” He is speaking. He is calling. Do we KNOW his voice? Quiet the noise all around, carve out time, fight for silent space where He can be heard; where His words are clearer than all the rest and His voice is louder than the volume of this life around us.

He gently answers “ Be still and know…” There is the promise of knowing and hearing in the stilling and quieting of our souls.

-Tonya Janzen