A Better Way To Be Human

As we launch into this new series “a better way to be human” I am filled with excitement and anticipation. I confidently believe that as we embrace the teaching of Jesus we will experience great and influential change in our own lives but also in the lives of the people around us.

I am so passionate about seeing our Canadian culture being influenced and changed from the inside out. Change will not come through marches, protests, petitions, external laws or even political agendas. Change in our nation will only come through radically transformed Christians who are living life like Jesus.

The sermon on the mount is the message of the gospel of the Kingdom.  It is Jesus’ teaching on how to live a fully kingdom life – a life fully submitted to the reign of God. This revolutionary teaching of Jesus will turn the world right-side-up. Through Jesus’ teaching heaven begins to invade earth.

Another reason I am excited about this series is that every ministry (kids through seniors and life groups) is teaching the Sermon on the mount. Our desire is that this will become an everyday discussion around the family dinner table and in your small groups. I encourage you to be engaged in this vision to become better humans.


Pastor Dave

Lead Pastor